X-ray Nanochemistry
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Imaging laser produced plumes of nanoparticles

We are developing ultrafast X-ray techniques with which we can spectrally image nanomaterials during chemical reactions. We use ultrafast X-ray absorption spectroscopy to investigate the structure of these nanomaterials during catalytic reactions. One of these reactions is carbon dioxide reforming of methane using laser produced nickel nanoparticles suspended in space and free of support. This will enable us to isolate these nanoparticles in space and to learn about their chemical properties using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Other pre-made nanomaterials will also be studied. Multiple laser pulses induced structural transformation will be investigated. Synchrotron sources will be used when needed.


Shan, F., R. Porter, N.N. Cheng, D.J. Masiel and T. Guo; Investigations of Laser Evaporation in Ambient Pressure Helium with Ultrafast Hard X-ray Pulses, J. Phys. Chem. C, 111 4643 (2007).

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